• What is Gluten Free Gathering?



    Unique events, dinners, talks and tours for anyone who is gluten free. Coeliac, gluten intolerant, allergic, paleo, 'clean' eater... we don’t mind. Just bring your passion for gluten free food to the table.


    Meeting in different, fantastic, gluten free friendly restaurants to eat amazing food catering specifically for GF. Gather and be inspired by guest speakers, pioneering businesses and your fellow diners.


    Our aim is to connect and inspire the gluten free community.




    We seek out the most GF friendly venues in London - restaurants, cafes, pubs and businesses that embrace us and understand our needs.


    We choose to gather in the best independent restaurants, run by passionate people with quality ingredients at their heart. No big chains.


    And with so many places to introduce you to, we will always meet somewhere different. 




    There will be at least 4 events across the year, usually, but not always, taking place on weekday evenings.


    We are also looking at arranging Afternoon Tea, Brunch or a Sunday Lunch, which needs to be a weekend. See our events page for details.


    Exclusive tours, events and tastings however will be announced throughout the year, so follow us to hear about these small events first.  

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    What people say about Gluten Free Gathering....


    “Friendly chatty crowd and delicious food. Compared to a similar event I attended in the USA – this kinda knocked its socks off”



    “I thought it was a great chance to meet other GF people and to be relaxed around food whilst out. I’d love to include my daughter to show her a positive attitude to being GF, as she has a whole future dealing with it."

    What our customers think....

    Read spontaneous, customers reviews from each of the different events over at Edible Experiences 

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  • A bit About founder Kim

    I have navigated my way in life through food. After four years immersed in a food degree, I spent my whole career working across the food industry: A ready meal factory, a flavouring company, fast food, 'Slow Food', supermarkets and farmers markets. Then in 2007 I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, which meant no more tasting (this was essentially all I did). So then came a new chapter of working in food websites, food writing, food tours, food events, food blogging and consultancy, which was all gluten free.


    Using all these years of industry experience, combined with my passion for good honest food and 8 years as a coeliac, I have created a range of unique food events where absolutely everything is gluten free. They are the kind of foodie events that I wanted to attend: Social, fun, interesting, with really bloomin’ good food. And that dream scenario where you are not the ‘fussy eater’ ‘celeriac’ ‘fad dieter’…. Just you on a night out, where everything happens to be gluten free.


    Read about all my GF findings, restaurant recommendations, and product reviews on my blog Naturally Gluten Free.


    And if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch via any of the below:






  • Gluten Free Gathering Events

    Read all about each of our upcoming gluten free events. For all the updates follow us on Twitter and Facebook too


    Allergy Show Taster Event:

    Come to the Allergy & Free From Show in London’s Olympia for a unique GF Gathering taster event. Held in Speakers Corner on Sunday 10th July at 11am, this is your chance to come and experience my unique, foodie GF Gathering events for FREE.


    This exclusive mini event, will be dedicated to showcasing the small, artisan and independent producers exhibiting at the show, and will include some inspiring talks from some brilliant GF champions, an awesome competition, and the opportunity to connect with lovely, like minded GF people.


    To book your ticket, click here